Comprehensive Medical Terminology Course (CMT)

Comprehensive Medical Terminology Course (CMT)
Date: 2019/06/04
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Medical Terminology is the language used to communicate facts and ideas specific to medicine and healthcare. These words and symbols relate to body systems, anatomical structures, medical diagnoses and procedures.

The Comprehensive Medical Terminology (CMT) course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the medical language used by healthcare professionals. It is particularly useful for medical typist, Clinical Coders and many other health industry workers. This HIMAA course is well recognized within the health information profession as the best foundation for training as a clinical coder.

Students may elect to undertake the HIMAA Challenge examination in Medical Terminology, to meet the prerequisite of a comprehensive knowledge of medical terminology for enrolment in the Introductory ICD-10-AM, ACHI and ACS clinical coding course. A minimum mark of 80% in the Challenge Examination in Medical Terminology is valid for twelve months. A suitable candidate for the Challenge Examination in Medical Terminology would be a registered nurse, an overseas medical practitioner or a graduate of a medical science degree all of whom would have a Comprehensive Medical Terminology background.

Delivery Method: Course Language: ENGLISH Language only.

1. Distance Learning: Total course study hours: 240 access to Computer delivered using online Learning Management System directly from HIMAA Australian Education Office.

2. Classroom Based: Total course hours: 80 contact hours over weeks plus completion of course materials; readings, workbook and exercises provided estimated 160 hours to complete in self-directed learning.

Entry Requirement

Note: There is no entry requirement for this course, however, a student with an IELTS lever below 5.0 may struggle to achieve the requirement of 80% pass mark. HIMAA recommends an IELTS score of 7.0 Academic level.