About Us

The Excellence Institute of learning, MedFormatix latest edition, is established in 2010, to develop the human resources knowledge and skills in the Health Care & Insurance sectors, and is fully licensed and accredited by the Saudi Council for Health Services (the Saudi authorized medical licensing agency). Realizing the acute need for a new breed of professionals in the healthcare & insurance fields, The Excellence is determined to join government and private sectors in elevating the level of skills and knowledge among professions in those two fields, and since has entered into strategic alliances with internationally reputable scientific institutions to enable us reach international standards both in Saudi Arabia and the neighboring countries.

The Excellence helps its clients' develop their knowledge and technical competencies through its carefully designed profile of training programs in health care and insurance industries. Our services are based on well-recognized educational material adapted by international bodies, which facilitates transferring knowledge and expertise. Furthermore, The Excellence goes the extra mile not only by pioneering in educational material but further in the style of delivery and assurances of comprehension and practicality.

In 2011, The Excellence has been certified by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCHS), the Saudi Arabian healthcare regulation agency which certifies healthcare institutes.

The Excellence Health Training Institute is the exclusive representation of Health Information Management Association in Australia Limited (HIMAA).


To provide a world-class learning environment that offers unique programs for health care and insurance industries, distinguishing itself by its scientific contents, delivery style, instructors, and strategic partners.


To be the regional leader of health care and insurance learning.